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drees homes

Innovative floor plans enter the Indianapolis new home market!

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As a REALTOR, I regularly show my clients brand-new homes and introduce them to both custom and production builders and the communities they build in. Many times I find myself feeling like I’m in the movie Groundhog...

Downtown Indianapolis

A guide to Indianapolis top employers

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As relocation director at Keller Williams Realty, I am often called upon to provide tours of Indianapolis for different corporations’ executive job candidates. One question I’m asked time and again by these candidates...

Indianapolis 500 2012 logo

May chock-full of fun Indianapolis 500 events

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With the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon run last weekend, the month of May in Indianapolis is officially under way. (Check out what celebrities have to say about May in Indy in the video below.) In addition to all the 500...


Thinking of cohabitating with your beau?

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If you caught the April 29 episode of Mad Men, in one of the climatic scenes, Peggy’s very Catholic mother admonishes her daughter after Peggy announces that she’s moving in with her boyfriend, Abe. “You are selling...