How to Enjoy a Nice Fireplace in Zionsville this Winter

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Will this winter ever wind down? Just when the sun starts to shines, another snow hits the 10-day weather forecast. But not to worry—this just means there’s more time to enjoy a fireplace in your Zionsville home this winter. With cabin fever running high, a cozy fire inside might just be the cure.


There’s lots of ways to still enjoy your fireplace this winter. But before firing up the logs, be sure to have your chimney and fireplace properly inspected.  Hire a reputable chimney sweep to keep the flue free of hazardous creosotes. This will give you peace of mind for your fireside family night.

  • Avoid using wet wood; it can create excessive smoke and creosotes. Seasoned or kiln-dried wood is the optimal choice for nice fire.
  • Keep glass door or a grate in front of the fire to prevent hot embers from coming out of the fireplace.
  • Only use newspaper or a log starter as fire accelerants. Flammable liquids are a no-no.
  • Keep the fireplace damper open to prevent smoke and dangerous gasses from entering the home.
  • Be sure to let the fire fully burnout before trying to remove the ashes.


Never use a paper bag to remove and store your ashes. A metal can or bucket is the safest way to store fireplace ashes—and keep them stored outside and away from the home. And do hold onto them for future use! Not sure what to do with all the ashes after your fire burns out? The good news is that ash offers many uses to your Zionsville garden and yard. Here’s a few ways use ash instead up adding it to your waste:fireplace bd

  • Compost enricher – Sprinkling a few ashes in with the organic compounds enhances the nutrients.
  • Pest repellent – A light application of fireplace ash in your flower and garden beds repels slugs and snails.
  • Tomato food – You can add 1/4 cup of ash to holes of calcium-loving plants like tomatoes.

Over 300 homes listed in Zionsville include a fireplace. Many even have multiple fireplaces, including one in the master suite. Since this winter never seems to end, there’s plenty of time to enjoy a fireplace of your own.

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