Getting Around

When you live in Indianapolis, your friends and family across the U.S. aren’t too far away! Half of the country’s population is within a day’s drive. Known as the Crossroads of America, Indianapolis is easily accessible by any of its multiple interstates branching from the city in all directions. You can be in Cincinnati, Chicago, Louisville, or Columbus in under three hours.

Flying in and out of Indianapolis

If your destination is outside the Midwest, flying might be more your speed. The new Indianapolis International Airport offers 150 nonstop and direct flights to more than 35 destinations across the country and around the world every day. With the foremost security and security technology, competitive airfares and a no-delay status, the nine-airline airport attracts more than eight million passengers each year.

Streets of Indy

America’s 14th largest city, Indianapolis is easy to navigate with its simple grid-like street pattern. Whether you’re riding to work or merely taking a trip through the downtown district, you’ll experience less of the normal urban traffic congestion thanks to the superior roadway systems throughout the city. But, if no congestion is what you like, simply use Indy’s public transportation system, IndyGo.

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