Moving to Indy: What is the best internet and cable provider?

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People moving to another city like Indianapolis usually do not know what provider offers the best internet or cable. It might not be the first thing in someone who is moving’s mind but it should definitely be one of the things you should check ahead of time before moving to your new home.

Just like cellphone providers, people’s needs are different and they might require a different provider. Searching the internet, I found this website called which is actually pretty helpful. The website offers a compilation of reviews of people leaving in Indianapolis about what they think is the best internet/cable provider in their area.


So far, as what I see in the graph in the website the top 3 choices would be AT&T Mobility LLC with the highest ranking, the only downside to it is that they only offer high speed internet and no cable; next place goes to Comcast Xfinity which offers high speed internet and cable tv; third place is a tie with Internet Communications Inc, they also only offer high speed internet; and AT&T Uverse which offers high speed dsl connection, home phone and cable in a bundle.


If you are not interested in getting internet connection then we also have companies that only offers cable.  The most recommended cable tv providers in Indianapolis are Direct TV and Brighthouse.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in some areas, you can only get a particular cable/internet provider. I found a website where they are offering to help you decide which internet/cable tv provider is suitable for your area and they also offer advance installation so when you move, you already have internet/cable tv setup! Here is the number they said to call 1-855-222-3972 and you can also visit their website for more information HERE.

I personally use Comcast as my cable and internet provider, so far I’m really happy with their service and have not yet experience that much trouble. With my job internet is very speed is very important because it’s one of the ways I stay connected with my clients and that’s why I only stick with the best service I know.

With all things said, I really do suggest that you do your own homework. Call services all the providers listed above and ask them if they are available in the area you are moving to and start comparing plans and prices. It’s better to be ready, so when you finally move to Indianapolis it’s one less thing you need to worry about!

Have you picked your Indianapolis internet/cable tv provider yet? Do you have any recommendations or advice you want to share for people about to move in Indianapolis? Feel free to share! Leave a comment below and I know someone will be really thankful for it.

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