Do You Have Netflix Streaming Syndrome?

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I’m only a week into my FREE month of Netflix. Prior to that it seemed as if I were the only person in Indianapolis still doing the DVR thing, not knowing about Orange being the New Black, and continually being the girl who would say, “No, I haven’t seen that movie.”

Not anymore. I’m completely hooked. The first night was easy…I simply watched one movie, The Hunger Games. However a friend said, “You’ve got to watch this Netflix series called House of Cards.” So, I looked it up and watched ALL 13 EPISODES in the next two days. I don’t even think I showered or left the couch much during that weekend.Netflix

What a waste. Who does that? Well after some Internet research, I discovered that many people have Netflix Streaming Syndrome. Yes, it’s a real syndrome. To be fair to some of you high-tech TV folks, it might be more like “Netflix/Hulu/Xfinity/Amazon/YouTube Streaming Syndrome.” Basically, you might have it if you find yourself with these symptoms:

  • Insomnia brought on by watching every episode of a compelling series in a row at the expense of getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Anti-social behavior as a result of staying in and making it a “Netflix night” rather than going out in public and seeing other human beings.
  • A gnawing impatience when you can’t watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it coupled with fits of rage when movies are not available for streaming and you must wait two whole days for an actual disc to arrive in a little red envelope in the mail.

I sure hope my “syndrome” symptom was simply first-time curiosity and not a definition of a future problem with Netflix. As, this girl who hardly watches TV surely had an identity crisis this weekend.

And, if you have a fun Netflix story, I would love to hear it for moral support. Let’s all support each other!

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  1. Meghan Barich says:

    Have you watched season 2??? I binged on that this week!