Real Estate Assistant

Our team is looking for high fliers!

We need a new dynamic team member who will take on any challenge and love doing it. This is a hybrid, multifaceted position for a fast-paced, growing real estate firm and we’re looking for the best of the best!

Ask yourself:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, is your work ethic a 20?
  • Do you solve problems creatively and yet with regard for high quality?
  • Do you relate to people well and think on your feet?

That’s the person we’re looking for! We need someone who GETS THINGS DONE.

Job standards:

1. Primary ObjectivesWhat are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?

  • Master the systems and websites used in tracking our contracts through closing.
  • Assist in data entry, analysis, and client care as we track all contracts through closing with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Research and develop expert knowledge in the market to develop expert knowledge and provide CMA’s, net sheets, etc.

2. Regular Work Activities — A Day in the Life of

  • You come in early and on time, ready to tackle mounds of emails from the night before.
  • You practice scripts with the team to perfect your dialogue with people.
  • You make numerous phone calls to prospect for business and talk to clients.
  • You enter data and track results so the team can make evidence-based decisions.
  • You prepare and organize files and folders to meet our agents’ needs.
  • You run numerous errands around town.
  • And that’s just before lunch…We work hard because we deliver the highest quality. We don’t stop until the job is done, and done well.

3. Management Responsibilities – How many people and which roles will be directly managed by this person?

  • None, although with time and tremendous growth of our team a highly talented performer may move into a leadership position.

4. Key Skills – What behavioral traits, attitudes, and skills are required?

  • Very strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Learning based, actively and independently seeking out answers when necessary
  • Strong work ethic and timely with flexible work hours.

5. People Contacts and Interactions – What are the primary contacts for this job?

  • Listing manager – daily
  • Transaction manager – daily
  • Sellers – daily

6. Compensation

  • Educational training stipend
  • $25,000

Job Requirements

  • High school graduate
  • Driver’s license
  • Administrative experience in office setting


Are you ready for this challenge?

Are you ready for the possibility for immense career growth with a team of excellence?

Then let’s talk. We have an extensive interview process involving 10 steps to ensure we connect with the right person, so time is of the essence.

Email us ( two things:

  1. Your CV
  2. Something you have done that is of superior quality which exemplifies your drive, your creativity, and your desire to join the best of the best.