How We Make Your Job Easier

We put the focus on your candidates…

During the recruiting process, we’ll help woo your important job candidates by orienting them to Indianapolis and answering their questions about what it’s really like to live in our city. Learn more about our Indianapolis tours. We’ll serve as your eyes and ears to ensure that you can fully address each candidate’s questions and concerns throughout the recruiting process.

We make your job easy.A worry-free move reflects well on you and your company. We’ll help onboard your new, relocating employees by providing them the information they need about Indianapolis, helping them find a home and coordinating their move along with our partner, Wheaton Worldwide. And if they should need advice on Indianapolis services as they settle in, we’re there to help.

…while taking care of your needs and easing your workload

We make your job easier in the following ways:

  • We work with the best relocation company: Cartus is the largest relocation company in the world, and they have trusted their business to only two providers in greater Indianapolis. We are proud to be one of those offering the high-service and comprehensive menu of offerings required to become and remain a Cartus service provider.
  • Our vendor partners are tried and true: We have negotiated deep discounts with every vendor and pass along all direct pricing without any markups. The vendors that we use are true “partners,” standing up to our service tests and pricing expectations. Additionally, the volume of business that we do with our vendors allows us to have priority in scheduling and service.
  • Consolidated billing: We offer itemized, consolidated billing for all of your candidate’s relocation expenses (moving, short-term housing, hotel needs, etc).
  • Expense advances: For all employer-approved relocation employee expenses, we pay vendor bills or provide transferees with cash-option payments. We then bill you directly for these expenses. We also provide appropriate reporting to document taxable employee compensation.
  • Online request and reporting: We provide a website for submitting relocation requests. Your staff will be provided access and logins to this real-time information.
  • Flexible service contract options: We are flexible with our contract terms and language.
  • Customized reporting: We customize our reporting and documentation to fit your requirements and desires.
  • Measurement: In addition to the logistics and financial reporting provided by Cartus, Wheaton and our other partners, we collect and measure customer feedback from every client. We also ask for just-in-time feedback five times during the transition of the transferee and make adjustments as necessary to ensure a WOW experience.