Renting Your Home for the 2012 Superbowl

Trust Kristie Smith with leasing your home or condo for the 2012 Super Bowl. Kristie is one of Indy’s top 15 real estate agents, and she niches in corporate relocation…so short-term relocation for big events is right up her alley.

Thinking about renting out your home or condo to make some extra cash? Be careful… there are all kinds of scams out there, as this article from from the Indianapolis Star describes. Make sure you have an agent like Kristie representing you!

Please read all details in their entirety. If you want to hire Kristie Smith & the Indy Homes Team to lease your home or condo for the 2012 Indianapolis Superbowl, here is what you need to do.

1. De-clutter your home. Less-is-more. All toys, clutter, personal items removed. Any items on tables, kitchen counters or bathroom sinks removed. The home should look the way it would look if you were to walk into a Florida vacation rental. In order for Kristie to market your home, it must be in perfect condition (paint, carpet, maintenance, caulking, meticulously [hotel quality] cleaned, odor-free, non-smoking, no pet hair, etc).

2. Once the home is in this photo-ready condition, Kristie will collect a non-refundable $200 photography/listing fee for the professional photo shoot. If you have your own high-quality photos, this will speed up the process and the total listing fee is reduced to $150.

3. Kristie’s professional photographer will do a full photo shoot of the home. An example photo shoot and virtual tour can be seen here. If your photos are used, they need to be in the same quality as shown on this website.

4. Kristie will fully market the home, field calls & facilitate showings with the home owner. Marketing includes her Google ad placement, strategic Twitter, Facebook, placement on over 50 websites, and cross-marketing with event planners & other real estate agents managing tenants.

5. The Indy Homes Team leasing fee is 20% of total lease amount, if leased.

6. If you are ready for photos, please contact Kristie’s team & mail in your $200 photography/listing fee. The Indy Homes Team will provide you with a leasing contract.

7. Kristie will not visit each home prior to photos, however, your home condition must be in similar condition to the example above (in terms of de-clutter, cleanliness, maintenance) to be marketed by the Indy Homes Team.

8. You must have reasonable expectations on rent.  The “I rented my house for $10,000 per night,” is NOT reasonable for the norm.  Every client we have worked with from out of town is not willing to pay anything near this.  So, if you have reasonable expectations, we can help you.

9. All inquiries MUST BE VIA EMAIL.  Please tell us your address, sq.ft, number of bedrooms & baths, condition of home & desired rent.

View example homes here.