Indianapolis Super Bowl Party Facilities

Contact Kristie Smith to secure VIP reservations to use any of these covent downtown facilities that she represents. All of these require catering through Grafton
Peek Catering, plus we include bar service (w/ liquor licenses), vallet, music, DJ, sound, furniture, and party planning.

The Crane Bay is Indianapolis’ newest event location with the edgy atmosphere only available on either coast. The Crane Bay is located at “Event Ground Zero” during SB2012 — the location in the middle of EVERYTHING.  Plus, its hosting the star studded Rolling Stone Magazine VIP Party and the Rolling Stone SB2012 Tailgate Party.

If you are looking for the coolest large scale venue in the city look no further. We still have SB2012 openings for the highest end events in the city. If you have interest please contact  Kristie Smith for details and event offerings. Don’t wait we are booking up quickly.

We also have limited availability for the Rolling Stone Party. Rub elbows with the Hollywood elite, hip hop icons and your favorite Television personalities!! Ask Kristie for tickets.

125 S. Meridian St.
15,000 sq. ft. temporary structure
Capacity:  1,500
Stucture dimensions:  82×140 & 50×60
Dates available:  1/28-2/5

230 S. Meridian St.
13,000 sq.ft. temporary structure
Capacity:  1,300
Structure dimensions:  100×142
Dates available: 1/28-2/5

Del South
Miller Coors Tailgate Location
310 S. Delaware St.
15,000 sq.ft. warehouse
Capacity:  1,400
Dates available:  2/2-2/5

CSX Building
Super Bowl Nightclub – next to the LIVE stage on Georgia St.
|31 E. Georgia St.
12,000 sq. ft. retail space
Capacity:  1,000
Dates available: 1/28-2/5

Sports Lot
239 S. Meridian St.
6,500 sq. ft. temporary structure
Capacity:  650
Dimensions: 40×164
Dates available:  1/28-2/5

Jillians Building
2 floors available for separate events
130 S. Meridian St.
20,000 sq. ft. retail
Capacity: 2,000
Dates available:  1/28-2/6