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Outdoorsy Indy

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Indianapolis appears to have it all. It boasts affordability; actually it is the most affordable of the top 50 US cities. It allows you to experience all four seasons. The downtown is clean, safe and full of excitement. However,...

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5 Reasons to Buy a Carmel Home on a Golf Course

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As the weather warms up, avid golfers hit the links on any day above 50 degrees. Golf leagues kick off and the fairways turn emerald green. It’s a magical time for golf course communities in Carmel. Now, I’m not a golfer,...

The Color Run

Running around Town: Indianapolis’ Themed Runs and Races

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Even with Indianapolis’ sub-zero temperatures and snow blast, avid runners keep hitting the streets. I see runners in my neighborhood up and at ‘em before the sun rises. That’s some dedication! Training groups are forming...

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How to Keep your 4-Legged Friends Active this Winter

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With an Indianapolis winter unlike most of us have seen, I keep hearing chatter about “cabin fever”.  A lot of us hunkered down and decreased activity, leaving our dogs yearning for some exercise. Despite the snow, the...