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Keep your Indianapolis basement from flooding

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I stepped on the carpet, and it felt like I was walking on a waterbed. You couldn’t tell it at the time, but the carpet was floating. Apparently when the power shut off last Monday night, the sump pump never came back...


Preparing to sell

Categories: Home Maintenace, Home Ownership, Real Estate, Selling

Have you ever put a house up for sale before? Holy schinkes, I see why people don’t do it very often. Earlier this year, my wife and I decided we were going to move. We’d only been here a couple of years, but found a...


Getting Your Indy Home Ready to Sell – Part II

Categories: Home Maintenace, Home Ownership, Real Estate, Selling

Selling your home can be an emotional process and often an overwhelming one. The Indy Homes Team will guide you through each step in the process to ensure it’s the most enjoyable and profitable experience it can be....

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Getting Your Indy Home Ready to Sell – Part I

Categories: Home Maintenace, Home Ownership, Landscaping, Real Estate, Selling

First impressions are everything when you’re trying to sell your Indianapolis home, even with record-low real estate inventory. It’s a great time to list and sell your home but remains crucial to put your home’s best...


How One Family Found a Nanny for their Carmel Home

Categories: Buying, Community, Our Team, Tid Bits

We recently posted some tips on how to find a nanny in Indianapolis. After talking to some families, the Indy Homes Team wanted share one family’s experience. “What’s right for one child may be different...


How to Find a Nanny in Indianapolis

Categories: Community, Culture, Tid Bits

One of the top questions our Indy Homes Team is asked by families relocating to Indianapolis is about how to find quality childcare—in-home or a daycare center. Each family’s childcare needs varies greatly from another...

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Spring Indianapolis Home Maintenance Tips

Categories: Home Maintenace, Home Ownership

It’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner—the first day of Spring 2014 was March 20th. The ground in Indianapolis is just starting to thaw, and neighbors are emerging from their Indy homes. As the snow...

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Green Home Cleaning in Indy

Categories: Health, Home Maintenace

With spring-cleaning right around the corner, what types of cleaning products will you bring into your Indy home? With all the flu viruses that hit this winter, an obvious urge is to douse the whole home in bleach. Before...


How to Enjoy a Nice Fireplace in Zionsville this Winter

Categories: Buying, Home Maintenace, Home Ownership

Will this winter ever wind down? Just when the sun starts to shines, another snow hits the 10-day weather forecast. But not to worry—this just means there’s more time to enjoy a fireplace in your Zionsville home this...

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Does a pool make sense?

Categories: Buying, Home Maintenace

Our recent hot, dry weather might have you thinking about adding a pool to your home or, if you’re in the market, buying a home with a pool. Sounds great, huh? But before you take the plunge (pun intended!), learn how a...

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Preventing Ice Dams

Categories: Home Maintenace

Wintertime icicles may look charming, but they usually signal a serious — and  potentially costly — problem. Often lurking behind that thick ridge of ice on  your roof is a pool of melted water, hence the term ice dam....


Top-10 List of New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Categories: Goals, Home Maintenace

When the new year arrives, promises and resolutions abound. Here’s the top-10 list of what the resolute home owner should accomplish this year. Ready for 2012? Here it comes: 1. Lose weight (cut energy use) 2. Quit smoking...